Digitization Of Maritime Industry

Extend Your Old Marine Vessels' In-Service Equipment Life-Span By Using Seathru-Tech Smart Predictive Maintenance System.

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We Upgrade Your Vessels

Seathru-Tech is a trusted Canadian ocean-tech startup who integrate the industry 4.0 technologies onboard of the old ships to upgrade their machinery's predictive maintenance systems.

Our team has extensive technical working experience in maintaining the mechanical systems of different types of marine vessels. Our customers value our professionalism, work ethic and our competitive prices.

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Why You Should Choose Us

We are extending your old marine/offshore vessels’ lifespan by providing a smart predictive maintenance system that integrates industry 4.0 technologies for having remote real-time monitoring of the in-service equipment on board.

Upgrade old ships
Use I4.0 technology
Reduce operation cost
Protect health and envoirnment.

Increase Safety Margin During Sailing

Identify the defective parts and predict failures accurately before it happens to allow corrective action in a proper time.

Improve machinery overhauling period

Improve proactive &predictive maintenance could prevent unplanned downtime and reduce the frequency of overhauling and dry-docking.

Reduce Operational Related Costs.

Reduce the cost of parts inventory requirements and optimizing fuel consumption.

Enhance Ships' Environmental Footprint

Surpass the IMO's new Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulations to your reduce ships' greenhouse gas emissions.

Industrial Personal Says

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

Digital twin is a state-of-the-art technology that can revolutionize maintenance for aging naval vessels, especially during battles. By creating a virtual replica of our equipment, we can prevent failures and keep our ships combat-ready, maximizing operational availability and increasing our chances of success.

Over 20 year of experience
Naval Forces

It is very well known that the main cause of accidents in the marine/off shore fields is the total failure of any machinery or technical system. With digital twin technology, maintenance of the in-service equipment for marine vessels can improve and aligning with QHSSE principles. This advanced technology can identify potential issues and prevent accidents, reducing risks to personnel and the environment, and ensuring safety for all stakeholders.

QHSSE Director
Over 20 year of experience
Marine & Offshore company

Digitization of the marine industry is the best way to avoid the in-service equipment's unaware failures. Digital twin technology will improve ships' predictive maintenance when implemented in the operational phase of these industries. It can reduce machinery failures during vessel passages by identifying potential failures and preventing them. This will reduce the risk of human error from diesel engine technicians. This proactive maintenance approach is essential for safe passage through the vital waterways.

Ship Master
Over 20 years of experience
Onboard of supply marine vessel

Applying Digital twin technology in the marine industry will surpass the IMO's new regulations, such as the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), which will eventually reduce ships' greenhouse gas emissions for being able to sail again in the oceans and avoid scraping scenarios. This technology provides a great chance to detect any possible Oil or Fuel Leak into the ocean by keep measuring the tanks of marine/offshore vessels in real time. Hence it will help reduce pollution and fuel consumption

Chief Engineer
Over 20  years of experience.
Onboard of Roll-on/roll-off marine vessel

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